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Support us

There are different ways to support Astral Imperium.

At the moment, Patreon is not available, but we hope to have an alternative in place soon.

You can donate and get points via our online store. This process is automatic and it is fairly quick to receive your points once you have completed your donation.

Click on the icon to access the store.

Talking about our servers is a way of advertising them. You can recommend our servers by leaving a positive review on our Facebook page or you can comment on our post in the official forums.

Vote every 12 hours and get Gold Coins, Mythos, shop points and a chance to get better ship parts blueprints each time. Every 30 votes you can redeem $10 server credit.

Click on the icon to vote.

You can bump the servers on top of the sponsored list. It can even be done for free if you vote often enough to redeem server credit ($10 can bump the servers twice).

Click on the icon to bump the servers.