The Maelstrom

We will be launching the first of our planned ATLAS events, The Maelstrom! This event will put an allied player fleet against the forces of the Damned in an all out naval battle for supremacy.


The event will take place in Center Maw (C3), we will shortly be adding a deserted island there that can be used as a staging area where we can meet, moor ships and resupply.


Saturday 04/05 at 6PM (UK time) we will meet at the island in Center Maw. The event will start shortly after when everyone is ready. We can adjust the time if people are not able to make it, just let us know on Discord.

As usual, you can check our latest event details here.

Who can join?

Everyone is welcome to attend, the only requirement is that you have a sloop or larger and have at least 1 cannon.

How does it work?

The allied fleet must work together and fight their way through 3 waves of Ships of the Damned which will be spawned by an admin. Each wave is more difficult than the last and the overall wave difficulty scales depending on the number and type of ships players bring.
Example: For wave 1, bringing a sloop will spawn 2x SOTD Schooners, but bringing a brigantine will spawn 2x SOTD Schooners and 2x SOTD Brigantines.

You can use our Events voice channel on Discord to coordinate the evening with your allies.

How many ships can we bring?

As many as you like so long as you can crew them.


There will be rewards given for each wave defeated, these have not been finalised yet but we will make sure it’s good and well worth it. We will also be giving something a bit extra for the first test runs of the event.


There will of course be a risk to your ship and crew when taking part in an event like this which should be understood before joining. However, at anytime during the battle you can choose to disengage and leave the grid if you are able, but doing this would of course forfeit any rewards for completing the round.

We look forward to seeing everyone there, and if possible, let us know on Discord if you are able to attend so we can gauge number. This is very important to us 🙂


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