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Parley #2: Maelstrom day and time

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Ahoy, mateys! We are really delighted by the support we've got from all the companies that helped us test the Maelstrom event so far. Thank...
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Parley #1: Crosshair

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Ahoy, pathfinders! We are always happy to hear about what our community thinks and what suggestions you can bring. We have been testing and thinking...
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The Maelstrom

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We will be launching the first of our planned ATLAS events, The Maelstrom! This event will put an allied player fleet against the forces of...
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Welcome to ATLAS!

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Welcome to Astral Imperium's brand new website dedicated to our ATLAS cluster! It is now much easier to find all the information you need about...

Upcoming events

all-day BABY BOOM
Oct 26 – Nov 1 all-day
What is Baby Boom? Baby Boom is an event where hatching, gestation and maturation are altered to allow for quicker breeding. Which settings are changed? Hatching and Maturation are set to 5x.

Server changelog

– Decreased SOTD numbers from 3x to 1.5x in Safe Harbours grids
– Decreased SOTD numbers from 3x to 2x in Colonies grids
– Corrected Powerstone and Essence of Power markers on the map
– Adjusted Powerstone markers to their respective cave entrances
– Corrected “The Fountain of Youth” quest icons
– Added the missing quest “Raider of the Deep” (Loot a sunken ship treasure of at least 16 Quality)
– Opened the in-game shop (the website page will go live around the same time)