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Update on the in-game shop

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Hi sailors, Many of you have asked us recently about the shop and why some commands were not working. The reason was, like stated in...
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Relaunch and changes

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Hi everyone, We are now on the final phase of testing server stability before opening them to everyone. This wipe has given us the opportunity...
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Upcoming Mega-Update and major changes

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Ahoy sailors, Most of you have probably seen and read the latest Captain's Log where the developers announced the upcoming release of ATLAS on Xbox...
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Welcome to the Market!

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Ahoy, pathfinders! We are excited to officially open the Market to the community! What is the Market? The Market is a community area where companies...

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Upcoming events

all-day GOLD RUSH
Jun 29 – Jul 5 all-day
What is Gold Rush? Gold Rush is an event where you get more Gold coins from digging treasures from treasure maps. Which setting is changed? Treasure gold is set to 5x.

Server changelog

– [SHOP] Re-enabled shop points for all players

– Increased Flotsam quality to 1.5x
– Increased Sunken Treasures quality to 1.5x

– Opened the Community Market, located on the Tortuga islet in A4

– Auto destroy structures should now finally be working properly

– Set decay timer to 20 days for structures
– Set auto-destruction to 25 days for structures
– Set decay timer to 20 days for creatures

– Increased level of SOTDs on all servers
– Further increased level of SOTDs in Polar regions