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Astral ATLAS Relaunch – 7×7 Official Layout

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We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Astral ATLAS servers! The new map will be going live on Sunday 26th of July at 11:00AM...
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Astral ATLAS – Our COVID-19 response

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Hi everyone, We hope you are all doing well despite the various restrictions and confinement measures in place in different countries caused by the coronavirus...
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Monthly support & perks

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Ahoy mateys, We are very excited to launch our monthly perks! For those of you familiar with our Patreon page, this works in a very...
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Astral Advent 2019

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Ahoy pathfinders, To celebrate the festive period and the end of 2019, we will be adding a free shop points package in our online store...

Upcoming events

all-day LEVEL UP!
Sep 28 – Oct 4 all-day
What is Level Up? Level Up is an event where experience is increased. It is the perfect time to unlock new skills! Which settings are changed? Experience is set to 5x.

Server changelog

– Decreased SOTD numbers from 3x to 1.5x in Safe Harbours grids
– Decreased SOTD numbers from 3x to 2x in Colonies grids
– Corrected Powerstone and Essence of Power markers on the map
– Adjusted Powerstone markers to their respective cave entrances
– Corrected “The Fountain of Youth” quest icons
– Added the missing quest “Raider of the Deep” (Loot a sunken ship treasure of at least 16 Quality)
– Opened the in-game shop (the website page will go live around the same time)