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What is Maelstrom?

Maelstrom is an event that takes place in Central Maw.

The allied fleet must work together and fight their way through several waves of spawned Ships of the Damned. Each wave is more difficult than the last and the overall wave difficulty scales depending on the number and type of ships players bring.

The event is open to all players of any level as long as they bring an armed ship for the wave they want to take part in.

How does it work?

Players must meet at the north-eastern island in D4 at least 15 minutes before the start of the event to alliance up and ensure they are fully prepared.

Once ready, players can start making their way to the green buoys (staging area).

At 7PM UK time, once players confirm they are ready, admins will announce and spawn the first wave of Ships of the Damned.

Admins will confirm the round can start, at which point players can leave the green buoys and start the fight.

Players can drop out at any time during the event if they manage to escape. However, they will not get any rewards for a wave that they did not complete.

Once the wave has been defeated, players have 10 minutes to repair their ship.

After the break, the next wave will start.

Prizes are given at the end of each wave.

What can I win?

Mythical quality blueprints:

Each week, a different blueprint of Mythical quality is awarded per ship.

Gold coins:

Each ship will receive Gold coins as follows:

1 wave completed: 10000 Gold coins
2 waves completed: 20000 Gold coins
3 waves completed: 30000 Gold coins

Shop points:

Each ship captain will receive points as follows:

1 wave completed: 300 points
2 waves completed: 600 points
3 waves completed: 900 points

You can spend those points in our shop. We offer a nice range of packs, crew members, creatures and resources.

If your ship got sunk during a wave, you will get half of the points and Gold coins but no Mythical blueprint for that wave.



Be on time for the event so you do not keep people waiting.

You must bring an armed Schooner, Brigantine or Galleon. The only build restriction is a limit of 2 aft (backwards) facing cannons.

Everyone must contribute, staying out of harms way and letting your team mates carry you is not allowed.

You can always drop out at any time during the event but you will not receive rewards for the waves you have not completed.

Remember you’re all in this together, so working as a team will make your life much easier.

We will not refund or return any items or ships that are lost during the event.

We will only stop a round if all players ask for it.

You should not loot flotsam or recruit crew.

Events Island

■ PVP is not allowed on this island.

A community area is available with grill, preserving bags, smithy, mortar and pestles, forge and fresh water.

Using resources and food left in the community area is allowed and encouraged, but you should not take more than necessary and should not remove the preserving salt from the bags.

One resource box, one ammo container and one bookshelf are pincoded for each company, this is where we place the rewards at the end of the event.

One foundation with beds is allowed per company but it must be placed close to the community area.


Below you can find the Ships of the Damned that you will have to defeat for each wave depending on the type of ship you bring.

Allowed ship types:

Wave 1

(level 50)

Schooner → 2 Schooner + 1 Brigantine
Brigantine → 2 Brigantine + 1 Galleon
Galleon → 1 Brigantine + 2 Galleon

Wave 2

(level 70)

Schooner → 2 Schooner + 1 Brigantine
Brigantine → 2 Brigantine + 1 Galleon
Galleon → 1 Brigantine + 2 Galleon

Wave 3

(level 90)

Schooner → 2 Schooner + 1 Brigantine
Brigantine → 2 Brigantine + 1 Galleon
Galleon → 1 Brigantine + 2 Galleon

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