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Rates & Settings

Our improved rates allow everyone to enjoy the game properly.

We are offering x4 Experience, Resources, Taming and Breeding. Events are run regularly on a weekly basis to increase specific rates.


    • 49 x 50 slots
    • PVP: Enabled
    • Colonies:
      • Peace: 24 hours
      • War: 6 hours (2-4 days notice)
    • Auto-updates: Enabled
    • Auto-restart: 12AM UK time


    • Official Map Layout
    • All biomes
    • All official quests:
      • Dungeon + Power stones
      • Trenches + Essences of power
      • Secondary quests
    • Explorer Notes
    • Ghost ship


    • Resources: 4x
    • Experience: 4x
    • Taming: 4x
    • Hatching: 4x
    • Maturation: 4x
    • Treasure gold: 4x
    • Structure decay: 2x (20 days)
    • Structure destruction: 2.5x (25 days)

Players & Companies

    • Base weight: 1.5x
    • Per-level weight gain: 1.5x
    • Food consumption: 0.75x
    • Water consumption: 0.75x
    • Max players in company: 15
    • 1 settlement max *

* While you have enough points to claim two islands, you are only allowed one per company. This is so you can still declare war and take over another island if you so wish. Once the war is over, you will have some time to unclaim the first settlement, but this should be done as quickly as possible and only after letting the admins know by raising a ticket.


    • Base weight: 2x
    • Per-level weight gain: 2x
    • Food consumption: 0.25x
    • Decay: 2.5x (20 days)


Our Colonies system allows for 24 hours of Peace phase where your settlement cannot be attacked by other players. They can however declare war at any time but will have to give between 2 and 4 days notice.

You, your structures and your ships are not placed under protection when outside of a settlement, so you could always be attacked and your structures destroyed.

We reserve the right to intervene in any PVP situation where we feel things have gotten out of hand.

No hacking, exploiting or bug abusing

It ruins the game for everyone else and will result in a swift ban. This also includes undermeshing.

No racism, abuse or any form of hate

It’s not cool, nor is it something we condone.

Choose unique names, don’t impersonate others

Characters and companies should be easily identifiable. “123” and generic names are not allowed, as well as changing company name to conceal your identity.

Keep chat clean, no spam or inappropriate content

Remember it’s only a game, don’t take frustrations out on others.

No advertising or trolling

We do not tolerate any form of advertisement or trolling.

1 settlement maximum per company

Companies should only have one settlement maximum. Trying to circumvent this rule will result in a warning and/or a ban.

You are only allowed 2 settlements for a short period of time after a successful war where you took over an island, to give you time to move your belongings.

Do not build in dungeons

Dungeons are part of the end-game content and should be accessible to anyone.

Do not clutter the map

Destroy old or unused structures to help keep the map performing well.


Our map contains all the different biomes, dungeons with Power Stones, trenches with Essences of Power and a Ghost ship route.


Select an area on the map to display more information.

Central Maw 22 Colony grid Tropical Safe Harbour Tundra Safe Harbour 12 Lawless Claimable grids 6 Lawless grids 6 Golden Age Ruins grids

Central Maw

Boss encounter

Used for events

22 Colony grid

24-hour Peace phase

1 colony island per company

Sea Forts are neutral and unclaimable

Tropical Safe Harbour

Only Freeport islands

Limited XP/High decay

Tundra Safe Harbour

Only Freeport islands

Limited XP/High decay

12 Lawless Claimable grids

Unlimited Claim Towers (within 200 points)

Unlimited Sea Forts (within 200 points)

Sea Forts are on permanent Combat phase

6 Lawless grids

Unlimited building

Unlimited Sea Forts (within 200 points)

Sea Forts are on permanent Combat phase

6 Golden Age Ruins grids

Only Powerstone islands


We selected those plugins to improve our players’ gaming experience. As an example, each player joining our servers gets a free starter pack that they can claim right away.

Discord ↔ In-game chat

Messages sent from our #cross-chat Discord channel are also sent in-game across all maps, and vice versa. To do so, link your Discord account to the servers by following those simple steps:

1 – Join our Discord server
2 – Select a channel under the Astral ATLAS category
3 – Type /linkdiscord in this channel
4 – The bot will send you a PM with a code
5 – In chat in-game, type the command and code you received
6 – You have now linked your Discord account to the servers!

After linking your account, you will be able to use /kickme on Discord to be kicked from the servers and /ignore in-game to ignore specific players.

Vote rewards

You can earn between 150 and 250 Gold Coins, 50 Mythos, shop points and a chance to get better ship parts blueprints by voting for our servers, all instantly delivered to you in-game.

1 – Join the Discord server below
2 – Follow the instructions in #getting-started
3 – Use .vote 101450037 in AtlasServerList Discord
4 – Type /claim in chat in-game

Using scripts/bots to vote can get you banned from both AtlasServerList and Astral ATLAS.

You can buy starter kits, resources and more from our shop with points that you earn by playing on our servers, participating in server events or making a donation via our online store.

Type /buykit kitname amount to add a kit
Type /kit kitname to redeem a kit you own
Type /kit freestarter to claim your free starter pack
Type /kit to see the kits you already own
Type /buy ID amount to instantly buy items from the shop
Type /points to check your total amount of points