23rd May 2020 @ 11:00 pm Europe/London Timezone

Ahoy, pathfinders! Sane Co and Wet Bandits have kindly offered to host a Kraken run. Please read their message below:

“Meetup: B2 South East Island, Southeastern Shore at 6 PM EST, 11 PM UK. A meeting dock is there.


1) Make sure to respect to have at least 200 health and 30 to 40 Fortitude to improve survival chances. The higher the health, the more likely you are to survive. If you die during the fight, you will not be able to respawn to continue. If you die, you’re done for this fight.

2) At least 2 handling sails are recommended, as wind is constantly changing during the fight.

3) Medium or Large cannons work perfectly fine for whole fight. A Brig with 6 shot broadside will kill a tentacle. Cannons on the top deck take more damage from energy ball hits.

4) Recommended to have medkits pre-made to heal yourself during the fight. Highly recommended to spec fully into the medical skill tree for instant group heal feat.

5) Flintlocks and/or carbines are useful to kill the energy balls that seek out ships. You can single shot the energy balls.

6) Depending on how many ships show up and your ship type, 300 to 800 cannon balls are recommended.

7) Some people recommend taking spare planks rather than repair materials, as they’re lighter. This choice is on you though.

8) We are all PIRATES! Everyone should be drinking ALE for this fight! Do it in true pirate style! (Ale reduces damage you take, so will be very useful) Pudding helps with damage reduction as well and stacks with the ale!

9) Monkeys on the shoulder help with damage regeneration. Leather vs Plate armor is a toss up. Energy balls are seeking to metal (mostly cannons).

WARNING: If you end up in the water while too close to an active tentacle during the Kraken battle, you will most likely die. Bring a grappling hook. If anyone has any further questions, feel free to ask.

Contact djinni1 or Justin Sane on Discord if you plan on joining.

We hope you all enjoy the event and encourage you to join them if you have yet to defeat the Kraken!

NB: Both admin and community run events take a lot of time and effort. We expect everyone to respect players taking part in such events. Using these organised gatherings as an opportunity to engage in PVP is not their purpose and might result in players being barred from attending future events.

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