Welcome to the Market!

Ahoy, pathfinders!

We are excited to officially open the Market to the community!

What is the Market?

The Market is a community area where companies sell and buy items with Gold coins. PVP is strictly forbidden in the area.

Where is it?

It is located in E1 on the Astral Imperium settlement, see map below.

How does it work?

Each company can claim a plot where they can place their player shop. At the moment it is limited to one shop per company per plot, but we might review that number in the future. Each company can place items they want to sell inside of the shop and set a price in Gold coins.

In order to place a shop, your will have to be temporarily allied with us. We will give a date and time where you can meet us in the Market. We will then invite you in a temporary alliance so you can place the shop in your plot. Once it is done, the alliance is disbanded.

The next slot to form an alliance and place your shop is visible here.

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