Update on the in-game shop

Hi sailors,

Many of you have asked us recently about the shop and why some commands were not working. The reason was, like stated in relaunch post, that as we only had just re-opened the servers we wanted to keep it fair and only allow starter packs so everyone could have a chance to start over at the same pace.

It has been nearly two weeks that we have relaunched and we think it is the right time to open the shop again. After next restart at around midnight (UK time), the shop will be fully open and everything listed on the shop page will be available for you to spend your points on. We have added the Olfend (200 points) and the Cat (250 points) to the shop. They are not appearing in the page yet but we will update it as soon as possible to reflect the changes.

You will now be able to get points nearly instantly by using our online store, where you can make a donation to support Astral Imperium. The process is fairly quick but can sometimes take up to 15 minutes.

Please note that, due to reports of shop points being broken at the moment, we have disabled the points that are rewarded over time as you play (1 point every 15 min for regular players). They will be re-enabled when the issue is fixed.

We hope to see you in-game soon 🙂

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