Upcoming Mega-Update and major changes

Ahoy sailors,

Most of you have probably seen and read the latest Captain’s Log where the developers announced the upcoming release of ATLAS on Xbox and cross-play between Steam and Xbox platforms. We are still waiting to hear about details on how cross-play will work for us, but if this is doable we will definitely open our doors to Xbox players!

They have also announced a wipe on all official servers, and recommended the following for unofficial server owners:

“It’s important to note that any savefile which used our older islands previously may have unpredictable issues after this update has been released, due to the level/technical changes that were made. 

We’d recommend wiping your saved data if you either used our jsons, or used our islands. For those playing on Blackwood specific saves, your data should be intact as well as those of you with completely custom islands.”

As we have said previously, we would only ever wipe for technical/development reasons or if the developers required or recommended we do so, and unfortunately this is one of those times. We have already started working on the new map layout and will keep you updated with our plans for it.

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