The Market opens!


We are pleased to announce the community Market is now open for business!

The Market is located on the islet of Tortuga in A4. It has space for ships of all size to dock and enough room for each company to place up to 2 shops each in their slot. Unlike the old market, this one does not need any admin involvement, so feel free to head on over and setup shop now. You will need to unlock your shop for others to be able to buy your goods. Ropes are available for anyone who wants to donate their body to science and decorate the area 😀

Please follow those rules when using the Market:

  • Each company can only claim one slot maximum
  • One slot can contain up to two shops maximum
  • Do not park your ships on the Market permanently
  • You need to unlock your shops, otherwise others cannot buy anything

We are looking forward to seeing our community make use of the Market!

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