Server changelog 22.05

This post was planned for yesterday 22.05, but due to our ISP outage it had to wait until today. Apologies for the delay and the disruption this has caused. We are doubling shop points earned to make up for the downtime.


Today some important changes have taken place on the servers, so please read this post carefully.

Events Island – Center Maw (C3)

We have moved the Events Island from the south-western corner to the north-western corner of C3. The island has been changed, and the Western Temperate one has been chosen as it has the least sandbanks of all the possible freeports:

  • No PVP allowed, this encompasses structures, creatures, and ships moored on the island
  • The Crew recruiter, Shipyardsman and Cosmetics vendor are still here
  • We do not allow building, however you can request one resource box per company that we will pincode on your request
  • A community area is available for everyone to use, with a grill, smithy, resource boxes and fresh water (thanks Snow for the idea)

We will shortly update the Maelstrom page with those changes.

Peace phase – Combat phase

One of our main goals has always been to offer the best offline raid protection possible for our players. We do not consider raiding and attacking bases of offline players as PVP. As such, we have implemented a few changes to the Peace and Combat phases on the servers:

  • You will now have 24 hours of Peace time for your settlement
  • You can still declare war on a settlement, this allows the opposing company to be aware of an upcoming attack and will now allow for proper PVP
  • This does not change the fact that you, your structures and your ships can still be attacked when outside of your settlement

The main reason for those changes is to encourage online PVP and less offline raids (PVE).

Other changes

Slight changes have been made to the in-game shop:

  • Gold coins:
    • 250 Gold coins has been removed and replaced by 500 and 1000 Gold coins
    • 500 Gold coins cost reduced to 50 points (from 200 points)
    • 1000 Gold coins cost reduced to 100 points (from 400 points)
  • Mythos:
    • 250 Mythos has been removed and replaced by 500 and 1000 Mythos

Please feel free to comment below if you have suggestions for the shop, we would be happy to add more to it.

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