Relaunch and changes

Hi everyone,

We are now on the final phase of testing server stability before opening them to everyone. This wipe has given us the opportunity to make some changes to the map and our rules at the same time. Please read this post carefully as it contains important information.

One freeport to rule them all

When you start your journey on Astral ATLAS, you can only spawn in one freeport located in A4. Given the general feedback that we received over the past few months, we have set this grid as PVE so new players can start in peace. Structure decay is also very high in A4 as freeports are only supposed to help players get started and shouldn’t be cluttered with abandoned structures. Structures can be demolished after 4 days and are auto-destroyed after 5 days of inactivity.

Wild Pirate Encampments

A4 contains 4 other islands that players cannot claim. Our plan was to use those islands for Wild Pirate Encampments but unfortunately this feature is not yet available for unofficial servers. Those islands will stay unclaimable as the developers intend to bring PVE content to unofficial servers eventually. Given that this grid is PVE, it is strictly forbidden to build permanent bases, outposts or taming pens on those islands. Any structures will be destroyed without warning.

New islands and Island points

We have added some of the new Equatorial and Central Tundra islands from the Mega-Update, and a bunch of smaller islands for smaller companies to claim. The island points have been changed to 25 and 50 points and were based on island size and the resources they contain. We appreciate that this is not an exact science, but we have tried our best to make it balanced. We will update the info page with the new map as soon as possible. As a side note, one of the Equatorial islands is currently 100 points, so unclaimable. This is because we are waiting to see if any in-game content is tied to it.


After taking into consideration the size of our cluster, companies can now have 15 members maximum. Each company has 50 island points that they can spend, and companies who try to circumvent this new rule will be warned and/or banned.

Cross-chat, Vote rewards, Shop…

The Mega-Update changed a lot of things in the background, making our selection of plugins unusable at the moment. We will re-enable them as soon as the issues are fixed by the plugin developers. Players should still have all their shop points from before the wipe if things go according to plan, which would be out of our hands. However, we will only allow starter packs in the shop for a bit to ensure fairness for everyone as we are sure you all understand.

We are looking forward to seeing you in-game 🙂

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