Monthly support & perks

Ahoy mateys,

We are very excited to launch our monthly perks! For those of you familiar with our Patreon page, this works in a very similar way, but the process is now completely automated which means that you will get your rewards much quicker.

It is very simple. You donate a certain amount of money per month, and you receive perks in-game and on Discord. You can stop your pledge at any time. Every amount helps, so we have created different tiers of donations, starting from £5/mo. You can claim specific rewards that are tied to the tier you have chosen, monthly, for as long as you hold that pledge. Each donation goes directly towards the servers. This helps cover the cost of the hardware itself and upgrades if needed, as well as a part of the electricity and internet bills.

Each tier gets you shop points, a bonus to shop points received as you play, and optional in-game [Capt.] chat tag and Discord role which gives you access to the #supporters channel. The greater the pledge, the more shop points you get and the greater the bonus (up to 4x as much as regular players).

To see the full tables of perks that you can get by supporting us monthly, visit our Support us page.

As usual, thank you to all of those who support us!

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