Mega Update: Into the Ice


The new Mega Update dropped a few hours ago, this means there will be important changes on the servers.

New Islands

New islands are available for Equatorial and Polar biomes. We will add those islands as soon as they are made available for unofficial servers, so we need to know if players will be affected by it. Among those islands is the new Ice Dungeon that you will find in the Polar region. It will most likely replace the Tundra dungeon in B1.

On the map below, the grids highlighted in green are the ones that might be affected by the changes. If you have settlements, structures, ships or anything else belonging to you in those biomes, let us know ASAP.

New Quest

The new quest “Into the Ice” is tied to the new Ice Dungeon. You need to collect all Power Stones in order to access it. We are aware that at the moment, the different quests and map markers are not displaying properly but this will be fixed when the developers update the tool we use to make the map.

New Creatures

Two new creatures have been added. The Olfend can already be found in Desert biomes. We will destroy wild creatures soon to allow them to spawn more often. The Giant Tortugar will be found in the new Equatorial islands once they have been placed.

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