Into the Ice is live!

Hey everyone,

We were finally able to work on the map and implement the latest additions from the Mega Update: Into the Ice!

We have moved one island and one iceberg around in C1 to make space for the Ice Dungeon. We went over several Equatorial grids (B3, D3 and E3) and removed abandoned islands so we could add the new ones. Those islands are where you will find the Giant Tortugar.

We have tried to get rid of as many floating structures as possible but if you notice some, please send us their coordinates on Discord. To do so, open the console with ` when you are next to those structures and type ccc. No results will be shown, and there is no need to copy anything as the coordinates are automatically copied to your clipboard, then paste it as a PM on Discord.

With those changes, you will now have access to all the content from the latest patch!

Here is a preview of what you can expect to see while exploring those new areas.

We have also taken advantage of the changes to increase Gold coins earned by voting every 12 hours. You can now earn between 150 and 250 Gold coins (on top of everything else).

Happy exploring!

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