Astral ATLAS: The End

It is with great sadness that we have decided to bring Astral ATLAS to a close and stop hosting our servers. This has not been an easy decision to make and we really hate to let down those of you wanting to play the latest patch on Astral, but we feel this is the right time for us to stop. We appreciate this might seem sudden, but there is never a good time to announce something like this and while it may not help, we do want to explain why we have taken this decision and the reasons for announcing it now.

Game direction: The main reason is that we do not feel the game is moving in the direction we had hoped it would, and feel it has lost some of its magic from when it first launched. This has been on our minds for a while, but we have stuck it out both for the community and in the hopes of change. Unfortunately, the latest content update has cemented these concerns for us.

Why stop now: As mentioned above, the latest changes have prompted this, but due to the significance of them it would also require yet another wipe, regardless of if we implemented the new features or not. Because of this, we feel it brings things to a more natural close and gives you all the opportunity to start fresh on another server.

Other reasons: There are some other contributing factors to this as well, such as the significant amount of resources it takes to host an ATLAS server, the very small player base for the game in general, and probably most importantly we don’t feel we can commit the time needed to provide you with the experience we would like.

We have refunded all purchases made on the webstore over the last month with no questions asked and cancelled any subscriptions that were still active. If there are concerns about older payments, then please open a ticket with us directly by sending a DM to Astral Support on Discord. Likewise if you have any other questions about this, then please open a ticket and it will be passed directly to us.

We appreciate this isn’t the news you wanted to hear and it’s certainly not been a nice decision for us to make. Thank you to everyone who has supported and played on the server over the years, it has been a pleasure hosting Astral ATLAS and especially our Maelstrom events.

The servers will be closed on Friday 29th at 10 PM (UK time).

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