Astral ATLAS Relaunch – 7×7 Official Layout

We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Astral ATLAS servers! The new map will be going live on Sunday 26th of July at 11:00AM UK time!

Astral ATLAS has been fully redesigned from the ground up increasing in size from a 5×5 to 7×7. Also we are one of, if not the only major unofficial ATLAS server to follow the new official map layout so far.

We have chosen to follow the new official layout to ensure we are aligned with the future changes the devs plan to release that could benefit from the map being in a particular layout. The future Trade Winds feature for example is one such area we expect will benefit from this.

Map breakdown

  • 24 Colony grids
    • PVP (Colonies)
    • Few islands
    • Average resources
    • 1 colony island per company *
    • SOTD numbers increased by 2x
    • SOTD difficulty increased by 1.5x
    • Flotsam quality increased by 1.5x
    • Sunken treasure quality increased by 1.5x
  • 12 Lawless grids
    • PVP (Lawless)
    • Many islands
    • Valuable resources
    • No island/build limit
    • SOTD numbers increased by 3x
    • SOTD difficulty increased by 2x
    • Flotsam quality increased by 2x
    • Sunken treasure quality increased by 2x
  • 8 Golden Age Ruins grids
    • PVP (Lawless)
    • Only Powerstone islands
    • SOTD numbers increased by 5x
    • SOTD difficulty increased by 3x
    • Flotsam quality increased by 3x
    • Sunken treasure quality increased by 3x
    • Ghost ship route
  • 4 Safe Harbour grids
    • PVE (Freeport)
    • Only Freeport islands
    • Limited XP/High decay
    • SOTD numbers increased by 1.5x
    • SOTD difficulty default
    • Flotsam quality increased by 1.5x
    • Sunken treasure quality increased by 1.5x
  • 1 Central Maw grid
    • PVE (Colonies)
    • Used for events
    • Player Market (TBC)

Check out the info page here for the interactive map!


  • Regenerating Ships
    • Default settings, will be adjusted if needed


  • Cross chat
  • Raid warning
  • Vote rewards
  • Shop

* While you will have enough points to claim two islands, you are only allowed one per company. This is so you can still declare war and take over another island if you so wish. Once the war is over, you will have some time to unclaim the first settlement, but this should be done as quickly as possible.


Look forward to seeing you all on the high seas!

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