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Astral ATLAS

Hosted by Astral Imperium

Astral Imperium

Astral Imperium was founded on June 10th 2014. We opened our Astral ATLAS cluster in December 2018, as soon as it was made available for unofficial dedicated servers.

We have been gradually increasing the size of our cluster over the months. Now, we are proud to offer a huge 7×7 map based on the Official Layout (ring of death!) which contains all the different biomes, Power Stones, Essences of Power, dungeons and quests that you can find on official servers.

Below are some of the features that we offer on our servers. For more details, visit the Info page.

Cross Chat

Our players can interact with one another, no matter where they are on the map. You can also join the discussion via Discord!


You can buy items from our in-game shop with points that you earn through several ways:

Play on the servers
Vote every 8 hours
Take part in server events
Donate via our online store

Vote Rewards

You can earn between 150 and 250 Gold Coins, 50 Mythos, shop points and a chance to get better ship parts blueprints by voting for our servers, all instantly delivered to you in-game.

1 – Join the Discord server below
2 – Follow the instructions in #getting-started
3 – Use .vote 101450037 in AtlasServerList Discord
4 – Type /claim in chat in-game

Using scripts/bots to vote can get you banned from both AtlasServerList and Astral ATLAS.

Colonies system

Our colonies system is set to 24-hour Peace to encourage online PVP. Outside of a settlement, players, structures and ships can still be attacked and destroyed at any time.